World Archery appoints Abhinav Bindra in Panel to choose Indian Team for Youth Championships

Olympian Abhinav Bindra has been designated by World Archery as independent to select the Indian team for the World Youth Championship.


updated:June 21, 2019, 4:50 PM IST

World Archery appoints Abhinav Bindra in Panel to choose Indian Team for Youth Championships
Abhinav Bindra.

Kolkata: The World Archery on Thursday named the celebrated shooter Abhinav Bindra as an "independent person" in a selection panel chosen by the Indian team for the World Youth Championship, to be held in Madrid in August.

IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta and a representative from the Ministry of Sport will also be part of the panel.

The development comes one day after the world body closed the Archery Association of India for violating the constitution by unanimously choosing two parallel bodies in Chandigarh and New Delhi.

"World Archery has appointed an independent person who is Mr. Bindra (sic), a well-respected athlete as you know well," wrote WA Secretary General Tom Dielen in an email to Indian Olympic Federal President Narinder Batra.

Dielen also searched from 24 to 26 June for a meeting with the IOA chief in the margins of the 134th IOC session in Lausanne.

"World Archery respects and has always respected the decisions of the Supreme Court," Dielen wrote in his letter.

Batra had previously sentenced WA for giving a deadline to the Supreme Court of India.

Although the WA abolished the AAI list on Wednesday, the WA stated that if the Supreme Court did not rule on the controversial elections on July 31, the world body would continue to suspend.

The suspension would prevent Indian archers from participating in any global event, including the Asian Archery Championships, an Olympic qualifying competition.

While condemning the WA threat, Batra said earlier: "This kind of behavior from World Archery by giving a timeline is highly disrespectful and rude to the Hon & Cour Courts in India and World Archery should be asked to remain disrespectful to the judicial institutions in India.

"Just like World Archery is governed by Swiss Laws, AAI is governed by Indian Laws and mutual respect must be maintained."

"Further on, the way World Archery forms the Commission / Commission committee shows that World Archery compromises with the Autonomy of the Archery Sporting Body in India and why they do this is best known to them," Batra wrote to IOA Secretary General Mehta, directing him to communicate with Dielen.