What happens when teams have the same points at Cricket World Cup? Net run rate, Semi-final Qualification explained

Rain was expected to play a role in the 2019 edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup. Now that two games have been pulled out and more games are expected to be played, fans have begun browsing the rules book and wondering what happens if multiple teams are locked at the same points at the end of the group stage.

The semi-finalists are determined according to the final ranking of the points table, with the top four placed teams making the cut.

Regarding the system of allocation points, each win wins two points for teams and a hollow resulting in the points that are each shared.

But what if two teams are stuck on the same points after the end of the group phase? The International Cricket Council has the answer.

According to the rules of the quad tournament, the team with the better & # 39; net run rate & # 39; Get on.

The net run rate is explained in the rulebook as:

"The net run rate of a team is calculated by subtracting the average runs per over-score achieved by that team during the competition, the average runs per over-score achieved throughout the competition against that team.

"In the event that a team is sold out in less than its full quota of surpluses, the calculation of its net figures will be based on the full quota of surpluses to which it would have been entitled and not on the number of surpluses in which the team was fired .

"Only those matches where results are counted for the calculation of the net percentage. If a match is stopped, but a result is achieved under Duckworth / Lewis / Stern, the Par Score for Team 1 on leaving the same number of exceedances is counted from team 2 credited with Team 2 & # 39; s Par Score Where a game is closed with Duckworth / Lewis / Stern applied at an earlier point in the game, Team 1 will be credited with 1 run less than the final Goal Score for Team 2 of the total number of surpluses allocated to Team 2 to reach the goal. "

But what if the teams still can't be separated and have the same net runs? Then the team that won the team meeting with the same points will continue.

And if the teams still cannot be separated and their match ends in a draw or a draw, the pre-tournament seeding of the ICC, known as the "League Stage seedings", will take effect.

ICC League Stage scholarships:

1. South Africa

2. India

3. Australia

4. England

5. New Zealand

6. Pakistan

7. Bangladesh

8. Sri Lanka

9. Afghanistan

10. West Indies

The Super Over rule comes into effect from the knockout phase, on condition that a match is possible and not dismissed. In the event of rain, the ICC reserves game days for the semi-finals and the final.

In the semi-final, if there is a wash-out, the team with the better position in the group stage points table will advance to the final and if the final itself is erased, the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy will be shared.

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