Twitter teases the new app redesign worldwide, with account switching, dark mode and more

The upcoming redesign of Twitter will contain many changes to fundamentally change the experience of the end user.


updated:July 12, 2019, 7:47 PM IST

Twitter teases the new app redesign worldwide, with account switching, dark mode and more
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Microblogging site Twitter is teasing its 321 million worldwide users with an upcoming app redesign focused on helping users see what's happening faster. "A whole new Twitter is coming, new features and a new look are coming soon: bookmarks, switching between accounts, dark mode and much more – you will soon be able to see what happens," a message on Twitter & # 39; s desktop app reads.

Earlier in February, Twitter announced the idea of ​​the "twttr" prototype app, with the intention of testing improved talk functions for its main platform. Like the Gmail feature, switching between accounts would allow users to switch quickly with multiple accounts while remaining logged in to all their accounts. Because Twitter already has a dark mode for its mobile and desktop apps, it would be interesting to see which new tweaks the microblogging site will include as part of the new design.

Extensive information about the release of the redesign remains unknown from now on. From the beginning of this year, the social media giant has explored the idea of ​​adding color to answers – a user who posts the first tweet would see their answers in gray while responses from followers would be in blue. To make conversations seem chat-like, Twitter has also considered a new round design for answers.

In addition, the app also has a function & # 39; Subscribe to conversation & # 39; tested that informs users every time a tweet is added to the conversation to keep up, without actually becoming part of the discussion.

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