Renowned writer of Indian descent Ahmed Essop dies at 88

Essop, author of & # 39; The Hajji and Other Stories & # 39 ;, was buried in his hometown of Lenasia, a largely Indian township south of Johannesburg.


updated:June 13, 2019, 09:05 am IST

Renowned writer of Indian descent Ahmed Essop dies at 88
Ahmed Essop (thanks to: Twitter)

Johannesburg: Ahmed Essop, a renowned Indian author and former educational scientist, died in South Africa, a close friend of the family said. He was 88. "The literary giant left us after being hospitalized a few days earlier," Aslam Khota said.

Essop was buried on Tuesday in his hometown of Lenasia, a predominantly Indian city south of Johannesburg.

Essop was born in India in 1931 and emigrated to South Africa as a child.

He obtained various degrees and taught at a number of secondary schools as a teacher, and at a teacher training college, where he was loved for his approach to popularizing English literature, especially Shakespeare.

Most of his 13 published works focused on the role of the Indian community in South African society, often emphasizing the challenges faced by the community in the context of the draconian apart-timeless white government. This led to him being excluded from teaching.

One of Essop's early books, & # 39; The Hajji and Other Stories & # 39 ;, won the coveted Olive Schreiner Prize from the English Academy of South Africa in 1979. Later it became a movie.

In 2018, Essop received the Lifetime Achievement Literary Award at the annual South African literary prizes.

"In his hands, words behaved as if he were a magical craftsman," said a spokesman for Yusuf Garda, one of Native American Indian origin, in a tribute to Essop. "We honor you, Ahmed Essop, as a man of letters and literature, and as a master of the English language in South Africa," added Garda.

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