Pakistan Wildlife Officials Seize

Pakistan Wildlife Officials Seize & # 039; Kaptaan Special & # 039; Snakeskin sandals Designed for PM Imran Khan

Peshawar: A famous Pakistani shoemaker, apparently making special sandals for snake skin Prime Minister Imran Khan, is struggling to break the country's Wildlife Act.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department officials raided the popular shoemaker Nooruddin Chacha's shop in Jehangir Pura Bazar in the interior of Peshawar City and seized two pairs of snake skin sandals famous as & # 39; Capta special chappals & # 39 ; and they were made as an Eid gift for Prime Minister Khan. They also arrested a salesman from the store.

District Forest Officer (DFP) Abdul Haleem Marwat announced that he was going to Nooruddin's shop as a customer and asked for a sandal from the seller. He was shown a sandal that was priced at Rs 40,000. When asked why it is so expensive, the seller replied that it is made of snakeskin and will be gifted to the cricket player-become-politician Khan, known as & # 39; Kaptaan & # 39 ;.

After verification, the sandals were confiscated and the seller arrested.

The sandals were sent to a laboratory for proper verification and further action would be taken after receiving the report, the officer said.

The shoemaker claimed that the tortuous material was sent from the US to the store to make two pairs, one for the donor and one for Prime Minister Khan.

The sale and purchase of snake skin is illegal under the Pakistani Wildlife Act 2015. According to the law, no one may own a wild or exotic animal (dead or alive) without a valid certificate or license.

In 2015, the traditional Peshawari chappal or sandal was launched by Nooruddin as Kaptaan Chappal.

"The special double-pole Peshawari chappal has long been in fashion, but when I gave a pair of this specially designed new brand to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leader Imran Khan at his wedding, the shoe became a favorite with everyone and everyone, Nooruddin had told Dawn then.

He had said that shortly afterwards several ministers and the Pashtun people in the Gulf States began to enter large orders for Kaptaan Chappal.

Environment Minister Ishtiaq Urmur said that making snakeskin sandals was illegal.

"Regardless of who the sandals were made for, an illegal act would never be tolerated. If it is proven that the sandals are indeed made of snakeskin, the shoemaker will have legal consequences, as well as a fine, provided he shows the necessary documentation that it (legally) ) was imported, he said.

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