Huawei CEO supports Hongmeng OS, says it is "very likely" faster than Android, macOS

In an interview, Ren Zhengfei explained the versatile nature of Hongmeng, which he believes will make it ideal for use even in IoT and automated cars.

Huawei CEO supports Hongmeng OS, says it & very likely & # 39; faster than Android, macOS
Photo of Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei. (ANP)

Huawei's long-standing struggle with the US and American tech giants is perhaps a little less, but it is not over yet. After the US government imposed a temporary ban on Huawei and restricted its trade with US companies, the company decided to build its own operating system. Synchronized with Hongmeng OS, Huawei's claims have given a brave face to the commercial landslide, which has increased investors' hope of revival. Now CEO Ren Zhengfei has thrown more caution into the air by claiming in an interview that proprietary Hongmeng OS is "very likely" faster than Android and even macOS.

Hongmeng is thought to have been built with modularity from the start, with reports and speculation that the new operating system will be nearly 60 percent faster than Android and that it can actually be used in all types of devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and even embedded systems such as IoT-compatible home appliances and connected ecosystems such as smart cars. One of the requirements for such an operating system is the operational speed in real time, and since Android is based on a dated kernel, it would not be a big surprise if Hongmeng gets faster than Android.

However, speed is a bit of a secondary factor that device buyers are looking for, with apps being the most important in today's world, something that Google & # 39; s Android and Apple's iOS are second to none. Own systems such as the grand old Symbian, Windows Phone from Microsoft and Samsung & Bada and Tizen have long tried to match Google and Apple, but failed due to the lack of apps in their ecosystem. Zhengfei took this point during his interview to acknowledge that competing with his major technical rivals would be very difficult, but retained an optimistic view by stating that Huawei is already talking to developers to expand app support on Hongmeng.

With the Chinese giant back in Google & # 39; s Android battle, it remains to be seen to what extent Huawei uses Hongmeng in the long term. Having your own ecosystem is always beneficial, but it remains to be seen whether that can be sustainable.

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