Google Pixel 4 months after the official launch, everything we know so far

Google Pixel 4 months after the official launch, everything we know so far

Google announced affordable versions of the Pixel 3 earlier this year, but it is still due to the launch of the new and more advanced Pixel 4 series. As usual, rumors and speculation have begun to flood the internet, giving us an early insight into what the new devices can look like.

Google has just dropped the bomb because it has placed a teaser image of what appears to be Pixel's new flagship. A tweet from Google & # 39; s & # 39; Made by Google & # 39; account says: & # 39; Well, because there seems to be some interest, please! Wait until you see what it can do. # Pixel4 ”

The teaser image shows a jet-black smartphone with the & # 39; G & # 39; logo on the bottom and a square camera module on the top left. It seems almost incredible for almost a minute because it brings you back when the first leaks of the iPhone started to pop up in 2019. The camera module looks rather strange and contains double cameras & # 39; s. This means that Google will finally implement a hardware change after three generations of the Pixel.

From now on, Google has succeeded in producing some of the best pictures taken from a smartphone, simply using a single camera and software magic. From now on we do not know what the second camera will do. Does this offer telephoto zoom, or is it a wide-angle zoom that is similar to the camera on the front of the Pixel 3? Apart from the two cameras, there is an LED flash on the bottom and another hole above it, which is speculated as a spectral sensor, which is used to help handle strobe lights or screens or a time-off flight flight sensor, which can measure the distance by reflecting off the light.

In particular, there is no fingerprint sensor on the back, which may mean that the new Pixel 4 comes with in-display fingerprint scanning technology. It was recently reported that Android Q would offer native face recognition support, so we can also expect a face recognition security mechanism. The rear design of the device also seems to differ quite a bit from the previous generation of Pixel phones, which had a glossy finish at the top and a large matte finish below.

A few days ago, GSMArena had managed to get hold of a number of alleged photos of the Pixel 4, which seemed to be in line with some previous renders. It showed a handset with a recess for an oval perforation in the top right display for a dual camera setting. The area around the screen was also shortened, which looks considerably better than the previous models.

Per speculation, the new Pixel 4 should include the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and hopefully up to 6 GB of RAM. The front display can finally be bezelless with a punch hole camera system. Of course it would run on Android Q and is expected to launch in early October.

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