Don & # 039; t Want Mortgage: England, NZ Fans Plead Outside Lord & # 039; s as Indians 40% World Cup Final Tickets

New Delhi: Photographs have emerged in which supporters from both sides are asked to see tickets to the English and Kiwi teams clash during the World Cup Final at the iconic Lord & # 39; s in London.

Indian fans had bought 41% of the World Cup Final tickets, causing other cricket fans to struggle for tickets, for the semi-final howler at Old Trafford, Manchester, where the Men in Blue were battered by New Zealand.

That is why fans from both England and New Zealand have not been able to get tickets for the long-awaited tournament final. The stakes are so high that the trade-in value of the tickets is as high as £ 16,000.

New Zealand fans are worst affected when England is the host country. The shaky atmosphere in Lord & # 39; s and the half-empty gallery suggest the absence of support from one side. Kiwi fans can be seen with signs desperately seeking help from those in possession of the valuable tickets.

“Flew from NZ Need Ticket”, read a sign, “Real fans looking for tickets,” read another.

Many expected Indian fans to sell their tickets, which they bought in anticipation of Virat Kohli and his team playing the final. Instead of reselling their tickets through the official ICC website, fans have resorted to alternatives such as S tubHub and Viagogo, where tickets are sold for more than £ 16,000 – that’s Rs 13.8 lakh – that’s more than 50 times their nominal value.

On Saturday, New Zealand cricket player Jimmy Neesham had called on the Indians to sell their tickets at the original prices through the official platform, and not at extremely high prices that would deprive real cricket fans of the historic opportunity to watch their nations play the final.

“Dear Indian cricket fans. If you no longer want to come to the final, be kind and resell your tickets through the official platform. I know it is tempting to try to make a big profit, but please give all real cricket fans a chance to go, not just the rich, “he wrote.

Neesham added that although he understands people’s desire to “make a few pounds”, demanding prices as high as on the table is “absolutely ridiculous.”

He is not the only one. Many disadvantaged fans from both camps have also sent sincere pleas on Twitter in search of justice, hope and essentially tickets for the ultimate confrontation:

The International Cricket Council has also appealed to fans who do not want to attend the game to return their tickets so that they can be sold to other real supporters at face value, rather than selling them at exorbitant rates through unofficial resale sites . Supporters have until Saturday afternoon to return unwanted tickets.

In the months prior to the tournament, fans could purchase the top rated Platinum tickets for £ 395 (Rs 34,000), Gold for £ 295 (Rs 24,000), Silver for £ 195 and Bronze for £ 95 for the 30,000 seats that Lord & # 39 ; s has to offer.

However, on Saturday, the StubHub ticket site offered tickets for as much as £ 12,150 (Rs 10.5 lakh), £ 7,896 (Rs 6.8 lakh) and £ 5,548 (Rs 5.5 lakh).

| Edited by: Ahona Sengupta

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