Budget 2019: Sitharaman announces creation of national research foundation; to be chaired by PM Modi

New Delhi: For the presentation of the first budget of the Narendra Modi government, minister Nithala Sitharaman announced the establishment of National Research Foundation (NRF) to fund, coordinate and promote research in the country.

NRF is chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is co-chaired by the chief scientific advisor, the Government of India. "It proposes better governance systems and focuses on research and innovation. Proposals to set up a new national research foundation. Funds available in all ministries will be integrated under NRF," Sitharaman said in her first Budget speech.

She also undertook to put forward the new education policy. "NEP must be introduced to transform the education system in India, major changes to both higher and school systems must be introduced," said the FM. The NRF is also one of the recommendations in the new education policy 2019.

India has the potential to become an educational center, Sitharaman said, while the & # 39; Study in India & # 39; program proposes to attract foreign students.

The new foundation will strive to build an "extensive cooperation mechanism between central and national governments, public institutions, research organizations, educational institutions and industries."

It will enable a centralized mechanism for financing and result monitoring, ensuring "coordinated research and innovation efforts, especially in less-favored areas that are crucial to India and also globally relevant".

The NRF has been proposed to correct the research deficit. According to data released by central government, Indian research and innovation investment as a percentage of GDP is significantly lower (0.68%) compared to global standards compared to the United States (2.8%) ), China (2.1%), Israel (4.3%) and South Korea (4.2%).

"If India aims to emerge as a global center for research and innovation, we must have a centralized systematic mechanism for financing and monitoring research and innovation results, in particular in the field of research, in addition to increasing funding national interest, "the statement said.

The NRF is expected to focus on promoting and financing multidisciplinary, multi-institutional, multi-investigator-led research through solid collaboration between industry and academia.

And to facilitate the linking of national laboratories to local universities and educational institutions for creating new knowledge ecosystems. "NRF will take extensive initiatives to build high-quality human resources, comparable to the world's best, with a good understanding of research and innovation methods, trained in critical thinking and daring to think out-of-the-box," said the statement. ministry.

It also aims to remove current obstacles to the creation of a global quality research and innovation ecosystem by providing reliable, merit-based peer-reviewed research funding, thereby contributing to nurturing the culture of research and innovation in the country.

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