Brazil Coach Tite Refuses to Judge Neymar After Rape Accusation: Time Will Give Answers

Brazil Coach Tite refuses Judge Neymar after accusation: time will give answers

Teresopolis: The coach of the Brazilian national football team, Tite, said on Monday that he would not judge the allegations of sexual violence against his star player Neymar, something the Paris Saint-Germain says is an attempt to blackmail him.

"I understand the seriousness of the problem," he said. "But there must be time for people to weigh the facts."

"I'm not letting myself judge the facts," said the coach at the Brazilian team's training center outside of Rio, where they are preparing for the upcoming Copa America tournament.

"The facts are not clear enough, only time will give us answers," said Tite, who dealt with countless questions about the allegations during the weekend. "The team is above all that," he added.

"In the three years that I have been dealing with Neymar, all the personal issues we have dealt with are fair and truthful," he said.

"Neymar is an extraordinary player," Tite said. "He is indispensable from a technical point of view", although he adds that this did not mean that he was "irreplaceable".

The scandal erupted on Saturday when local media published allegations that a Brazilian woman had filed a complaint with the São Paulo police, accuses the 27-year-old football player Neymar from forcing her to a sexual relationship without mutual consent after meeting her on Instagram and inviting her to visit him in May in a hotel in Paris.

Sao Paulo police confirmed that the allegations have been filed, but said the details of the case were confidential.

Neymar trains with his teammates in Teresopolis for the tournament that will take place in Brazil from June 14 to July 7. On Wednesday the five-time world champions play a friendly match in the capital Brasilia against Qatar.

As well as suing allegations of rape in Sao Paulo, Neymar will be investigated by police in Rio de Janeiro release a video with a series of WhatsApp chats and intimate photos of his prosecutor in an attempt to clear his name.

The footballer did not show her face or revealed her name, but such disclosures are prohibited under Brazilian law.

A police car was seen in the training facility on Monday afternoon around noon when Tite appeared in front of the media.

But the Brazilian football federation has asked the police to postpone the date on which Neymar would appear in person to make a statement.

Neymar is reportedly summoned on Friday to appear in Rio de Janeiro for researchers.

But the footballer will be in the southern city of Porto Alegre that day to prepare for a friendly game against Honduras on Sunday prior to the Copa America.

According to, Neymar was able to prove on the Monday after the game before joining the team in Sao Paulo again.

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