Alex Morgan says US is likely to make a team decision on Donald Trump Invite

Lyon: Prospects of the United States Alex Morgan said that any decision to accept an invitation to visit President Donald Trump in the White House would only come after the World Cup final and probably be a collective team choice.

American winger Megan Rapinoe & # 39; s powerful remarks that she would not attend any White House celebration led Trump to respond in a series of tweets and caused many controversies.

In anticipation of Sunday's final against the Netherlands, Morgan said that such a conversation was too early but suggested that such a visit was unlikely.

"I think we'll make that decision after we finish Sunday's game. I think a lot has been said about the White House and Trump, but first we have to do business and then I think you know the answer to the question "Anyway," she said.

An invitation from the president to celebrate at the White House is regularly offered to successful American sports teams and individuals, such as Olympic gold medal winners.

Asked if she could imagine a situation where some players were present while others stayed away, Morgan said that was unlikely.

"I can't say 100%, but this team is very close and we've always made decisions together, so I can't really see that we decide to participate that way, but at the same time when someone feels strong, who should we then tell them to do something or not, "she said.

Morgan herself was in the spotlight after scoring the winning goal in the 2-1 semi-final win over England on Tuesday and fourth with a "sipping tea" gesture.

The 30-year-old said she was surprised by some of the criticism of the celebration, suggesting that men did not get such accurate scrutiny of how they respond to scoring.

"I feel that there is a kind of double standard for women in sports to feel that we must be humble in our successes and that we must celebrate, but not too much, and do something, but it must always be in a limited fashion, "she said.

"You see men all over the world celebrating in big tournaments, grabbing their pockets or whatever it is, and when I drink a cup of tea, I am a little overwhelmed. You have to laugh about it, see everything from the criticism," said they.

Morgan said she was not satisfied with the way the English, Lianne Sanderson, who was working as a TV expert, responded by calling the gesture "disrespectful" to the English.

Sanderson played with Morgan on Orlando Pride in the NWSL (National Women & # 39; s Soccer League).

"I'm a little disappointed in that and apparently we were teammates at Orlando Pride, so I have the greatest respect for Lianne and all my teammates I have ever played with. So, it's a little disappointing to see that," she said .

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